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In 2009, I bought a Cuttlebug Die Cutting Machine.

The decision to purchase the Cuttlebug over another machine was made purely on the fact it could cut as well as emboss.  At that time I had no idea about die cut machines, or embossing machines for that matter.  What I did know was my projects would be so much better, as well as being fairly easy to achieve if I owned one of these machines.

The Cuttlebug was more expensive than an embossing-only machine, which I’d been seriously contemplating, but buying it (instead of the other one) meant I could also use dies in it.

The machine comes with everything you need to get started – A and B plates, and depending on when you purchase, you will generally receive at least one embossing folder. Rather than go out and purchase loads of embossing folders at once, I’ve gradually added to my stash, and now have more than twenty embossing folders.

You can do exactly the same thing with the dies (I mostly buy Provo Craft and Spellbinders dies) and buy them gradually.  If you use Spellbinders and other brand dies in your Cuttlebug, you’ll need to either buy a C plate, or pad with cardboard or rubber plates. (I use a combination of the two, but plan to purchase a C plate in the near future.)

In my opinion, the Cuttlebug is very versatile, and is definitely worth the investment.  My grandchildren also use the Cuttlebug, and within weeks were able to make beautiful cards with it.  What you can do is limited only by your imagination, and I highly recommend the Provo Craft Cuttlebug Die Cutting machine, especially if this is your first die cut machine and you want to see what can be achieved.

You will not regret buying a die cut machine, and I promise you will have so much fun.  It can be very addictive, as most crafts can be, but the fun factor, along with the relaxation and satisfaction I get from it has paid me back in spades (as they say).

My friends and family love getting hand-crafted cards from me, and many have said they still have cards I’ve given them years ago.

Some of the Benefits of the Cuttlebug:

  •  Lightweight – you can take it anywhere
  • Compact – folds up and can be put away out of sight, and out of the way
  • No electricity required – the Cuttlebug cutting machine is manual. You simply wind a handle to make it work.
  • Simple to use!

And most importantly:

  • Dies and Embossing Folders from other brands work with the Cuttlebug

Sell Cards to Gift and Other Stores:

If you’re looking for a little extra income, you can also make cards to sell to local stores (as I do), as well as local markets etc.

The more experienced you become with your Cuttlebug machine, the more you will want to do.  YouTube is a wealth of information, and I’ve learned so much by viewing videos there.  Definitely check it out as I guarantee you will learn a ton.

For more information about the Cuttlebug, click here.

Here are some genuine customer reviews from Amazon:

“Love my cuttlebug! I bought it for embossing since I already own a Cricut machine. It is perfect for embossing and is compact for storage.”

Venita C Tipps of Hobbs NM loves how much fun she gets from her Cuttlebug:

“OMG, I love this little machine. Makes my cards and my scrapbooks beautiful.”

To read more customer comments click this link

Where can you get the Cuttlebug Die Cut Machine for the best price?

That’s an important question because you don’t want to pay more than you have to.  I’ve done some extensive research, and the best price I’ve found is at

If you order today you can save $24-50.  These special deals don’t last long, so if you’ve enjoyed reading about all the features and benefits of the Cuttlebug machine, this may be the machine for you. Click here
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