Making Memories Slice Design Cutter Machine

The Making Memories Slice Cordless Design Cutter is very popular.

To be honest, when I began my research into the various cutting machines I’d never heard of this particular one. Since then, I’ve found loads of information about it, and did find some negative feedback. (I found around 4-6 negative comments out of literally hundreds.)

I guess it’s like everything – if you look hard enough you will find complaints about it.

Here is some information about the Slice that you may find helpful:

  • Price. The price of the Making Memories machine is very reasonable and comes with a glass mat that lasts for a very long time. The Cutting Mat is infinitely reuseable. The Slice comes with a 6X6 glass mat but you can purchase a 12X12 separately if you prefer the bigger size.
  • Portability. If you’re like me and sometimes make crafts away from home, the Making Memories machine is light weight and compact and as such, can be easily transported. There is a separate They also offer a carrying case available for purchase if needed.
  • Self Contained. Does not need to be hooked up to a computer. The Making Memories Slice Cordless Design Cutter Machine is fully rechargeable and will last for around 1.5 to 2 hrs of cutting. If it does happen to run out of charge while being used, you can plug in the charger and continue on.
  • Menu. The menus are simple to use, and if you’re like me, I often get my grandchildren to do things like this to save my time.
  • Range of designs and sizes. The Slice cuts most designs 1/2 inch to 4 inches which gives you 8 sizes for most images. Currently there are several different design cards available with more planned. This means you can gradually add to your design cards over a period of time.

There are a lot of accessories available, but many of these are optional. You can start using the machine immediately with what is included in the initial purchase.



From what I’ve learned (and I could be wrong), you can only use Making Memories Design Cards in this machine, and nothing else. That may be a good thing, but what I like about most of the other die cut machines is the fact the dies and embossing folders are compatible with other machines.

I also understand that this machine doesn’t emboss, and only cuts. Again, I may be wrong, but that’s certainly how I understand it.  I have not personally used this machine, so it’s possible I’m totally wrong, but none of the information I found supports or denies this information.


Where can you get the Making Memories Die Cut Machine for the best price?

You definitely don’t want to pay more than you have to.  I’ve done a lot of research, and the best price I found is at

If you order today you can save $39-99.  These special deals don’t last long, so if you’ve enjoyed reading about all the features and benefits of the Making Memories machine, this may be the machine for you. Click here to lock in your discounted price.

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