Vagabond Machine – Inspired By Tim Holtz

The Vagabond Machine Inspired by Tim Holtz is the die cut machine I have my eye on for sometime in the future.

It has a vintage look about it, and can even come across and old and tattered, but it’s far from that. This is the creme de la creme in my opinion, but doesn’t have a price tag to match.

It is quite compact, and closes up into a small suitcase-like state.

Unlike some of the other die cut machines, it is very solid and stable. It takes no force whatsoever to use, and doesn’t require the user to wind a handle (like the Cuttlebug).

This machine works via electricity, and you simply hold a button down to feed the dies, embossing folders, paper etc through. There is no effort whatsover on the users part.

I was quite surprised when I researched this machine because I didn’t realize you could use dies and embossing folders from other brands with the Vagabond. My understanding was you could only use Tim Holtz products in it. How wrong I was!

The Vagabond comes with some accessories, including two clear cutting pads, which are replaceable (these tend to wear out), a solo platform, and shim.

It comes with clear instructions of how to ‘pack’ the Vagabond when using the various dies and embossing folders, including those from other companies.

Unlike many of the other die cutters available, the Vagabond has side walls to guide the paper etc through. This means you don’t need to keep your hand/s on the machine while using it. You simply press the button to feed your work through it. When you let go, it stops. Very easy to use.

As mentioned earlier, you can use other brands of dies and embossing folders with the Vagabond. However, some of these are quite thin in comparison to Tim Holtz brand dies, so he has made available the “solo thin die adapter”.

This needs to be used for Cuttlebug, Quickutz, and Spellbinders brands. The great thing about this is you can keep and use your favorite dies and embossing folders, and won’t need to replace them just because you’ve bought another brand of die cutting machine.

Some of these items are quite costly (although they last a very long time!) so you certainly don’t want to have to replace them with new products.

To give you a better idea of the Vagabond, I’ve added a Tim Holtz video that shows all the features I’ve mentioned, plus others.

From this you will see the versatility of the Vagabond, and how you can adapt your current dies and embossing folders. You’ll also see how incredibly simple it is to use this machine.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, and I did expect it to be complicated and difficult.

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